Pixelstick – Welcome To The Next Level of Light Painting Photography

We've all seen light painting photography whereby the movement of a light source is captured by a camera during a long-exposure for dramatic and artistic effect. When properly timed and executed, the results can be awe-inspiring. Typically, people play around with writing swirly's or simple shapes or words using a flash light or an otherwise single-light source, with little or no ability to control the images produced, relying on trial and error...and luck!

Enter The Pixelstick

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Sony’s Official Playstation 4 – “Perfect Day Commercial” is…a Musical!

You gotta hand it to the who ever's been handling Playstation's marketing and advertising, "The Greatness Awaits" commercials released so far have been awesome. They they truly bring video games to life, but at the same time they communicate directly and effectively to the "core gamer" that it's all about them, the customer.

And now... a musical!, how rad is that?!

Check out some of the of the last commercials released after the jump.

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Nipsey Hussel drops “Crenshaw” Mixtape!

Been looking forward to some new Nipsey for a while. After teasing fans with a trickle of tracks (or leaks as Nipsey would have it) like Smoking With My Stylist and Blessings, leading up to what most fans probably thought would be the release of The Marathon Vol.3 - Victory Lap, the independent LA MC, instead, dropped Crenshaw, a tour de force of new wave west coast hip hop featuring appearances from Rick Ross and fellow L.A. based MC, Dom Kennedy.

Crenshaw is Nipsey's first attempt to sell his music rather than giving his music away for free and making his loot through his live shows. True to his #FUCCTHAMIDDLEMAN and #PROUD2PAY mantras, Nipsey had a goal of selling at least 1,000 copies at $100 each before making Crenshaw available for , as he's with all his previous mixtapes.

And #PROUD2PAY they were.

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