Pixelstick – Welcome To The Next Level of Light Painting Photography

We've all seen light painting photography whereby the movement of a light source is captured by a camera during a long-exposure for dramatic and artistic effect. When properly timed and executed, the results can be awe-inspiring. Typically, people play around with writing swirly's or simple shapes or words using a flash light or an otherwise single-light source, with little or no ability to control the images produced, relying on trial and error...and luck!

Enter The Pixelstick

The Pixelstick consists of 198 full color RGB LEDs (powered by 8AA batteries) aligned in a row, inside a lightweight aluminum housing. Images are read from an SD card and displayed in the LEDs, one line at a time. Each LED corresponds to a single pixel in the image. The images themselves can be from 1 to 198 pixels tall and many thousands of pixels wide. By carefully dragging the Pixelstick along a path during a long exposure, as the LEDs alternate colors to display the image you wish to display, it gives the effect of painting actual images in thin air, with light! The handle is perpendicular and has a secondary aluminum sleeve, allowing the Pixelstick to spin freely which really opens up the amount of flexibility with your experiments. Furthermore, Pixelstick can increment through a series of images over multiple exposures, opening up light painting to the world of timelapse, and allowing for animations never before seen! Brilliant really. Kinda bummed I didn't think of it, but man am I stoked about this!

Their Kickstarter is fully funded with 38 days to go as of publishing, with a total pledge of $282,000 of their $110,000 goal. For $300 a piece I can see these things selling like gangbusters when they go retail.

Check out their Kickstarter below.

What do you guys think of the Pixelstick? Do you guys think it will revolutionize Light Painting? Sound off in the comments!